Song of the Summer Nominations, 2020

Every year, enduring songs emerge that collectively define the summer months. They are the infectious tunes that serve as the backing music for the few brief months between school years, or the soundtrack of unforgettable vacations. Summer is often a transitional time of new experiences and transformation. The accompanying music will later inspire nostalgia for a specific point in time when everything changed.

On the verge of an unprecedented summer time, more than ever, we have no idea what the season may bring. Team Homicidols is here to help eliminate the uncertainty in one area at least: filling out your summer playlist.

Homicidols Nominations for Song of the Summer, 2020

Boys Be Anarchy, Nani’n’Nerun?

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These Are New PIIIIIIIN Songs

Forgive the lackluster tone in the title, gang; it seems that ol’ Maniac let himself get hornswoggled. Not for the first time, either! Idols will do that to you. At any rate, I was super enthusiastic about sharing just PIIIIIIIN’s song of the summer, only for them to turn around and do this to me instead:

Hey, okay, that’s a good one! It is implicit that there is more. Is there more? Continue reading