Celebrate Idol Halloween by Fan-revisiting One of the Greatest Terrors of All

It’s a Halloween gift from the Deuce himself! Bekah and Ashley, who are probably the greatest idol fans of all, have graced the world with a special holiday edition of their dance cover series. This time? Motherhubbard “STUPiG”!

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Know Your BiStory #10: STUPiG

Welcome to Know Your BiStory! This entry comes by way of @weeaboowitch — “I’m Kerrie, artist, weeaboo and lover of all things creepy-cute! Please check out my art at kestreldraws.tumblr.com!

For lovers of the crazier side of idol, BiS’ final year or so of activities was where the fun really began. Having been teased with “IDOL,” “IDOL IS DEAD” and a few others just prior, the Who Killed Idol era brought us gems such as BiSKaidan, “Mura-Mura” and enough nude photo shoots that I’m pretty sure all the 2014 girls could correctly identify each member’s breasts without seeing anything else (now there’s a fun thought for you perverts!), and BiS’ penultimate single “STUPiG” was the defining example of their dark and experimental phase.

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