Would You Like to See 360 Video of Strawberry Painkiller?

The correct answer is, “Yes, Maniac, I would, for I have come to love Strawberry Painkiller nearly as much as you do.” Well done!

Yes, I love Strawberry Painkiller, and while the project doesn’t get out as much material for public consumption as one might hope, there are thankfully fans who can help to bridge the gap. In this case, this YouTuber very helpfully (and inexplicably — seriously, how?) shot and uploaded a pair of 360-degree videos from a live about a month back:

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It’s a Strawberry Painkiller Kind of Day

It may surprise you to learn that I usually prefer my idols to be a little on the unconventional side. I know! Crazy. But ever since Strawberry Painkiller first came into my life, I’ve had what you might describe as a heightened level of interest around this rather unique idol+band+ project.

Why? I’ll be damned if I can put a finger on it. Yeah, the sound hits me right in the cockles of my heart, and I love the aesthetic and attitude, and Ichigo is a rather compelling person. I guess those are reasons. But if you were to ask, I’d probably shrug. “I enjoys it,” I’d say in my best Bobby Boucher impersonation. Continue reading

This Is Like How Doctors Trick Kids into Taking Medicine, Only Way Brutaler

There I was last night, minding my own business, when the ever-reliable Pure Idol Heart was tweeting things my way (that’s what friends are for!), and right into the ol’ feed came what I immediately proclaimed to be my new favorite thing:

Christ. That’s filthy. Have another:

That’s Strawberry Painkiller (Twitter), and whoever was smart enough to slip opiates into fruit deserves a friggin’ raise. Continue reading