The New Stereo Tokyo Actually Kind of Rocks, But Controversy Is Afoot?

Despite really liking them, I’d never considered Stereo Japan/Tokyo as being likely to include on this site, their general sound being too in the club and not enough in the pit to feel like a good fit here, but “Run” is just all over the place and loaded with fun stuff.

Plus, the video reminds one of “Ganbare!!”, and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

HOWEVER, in trying to get some info, I was looking through the comments on the video, and … I’m really confused. They are/not breaking up? There’s some bizarre marathon+sales condition on the group’s continuation? I’ve never seen such a high ratio of dislikes to likes on idol video.

Literally, all I know about Stereo XXXXXXXX is that there was Stereo Tokyo and Stereo Osaka and together they Voltroned into Stereo Japan, but then that split and Stereo Osaka morphed into Edge Dub Monkeyz or something like that, and Stereo Tokyo is still going under the Stereo Japan brand (along with Stereo Fukuoka) and stereo stereo stereo.

So help me out, pretty please. And even if you can’t, cool song, you guys!

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: See the very first comment on this post. I do believe that most questions are now answered! Also, see Stereo Fukuoka.