Check out These Videos from Kamen Joshi’s SSA Show

As alluded to in the Homicidol 25, the Mask Girls took over Saitama Super Arena last November for … well, the only other time that metal idols ever performed there, to my knowledge.

I invite our resident Alice Project contingent to add commentary and context for these videos:

This one’s “Soul.” I know that one!
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Hey, Look, It’s Official Live Footage from Kamen Joshi’s Big SSA Show!

It doesn’t need a lot of introduction — in late November, after months of building on the success of “Genkidane,” the Alice Project booked a big ol’ show at Saitama Super Arena for Kamen Joshi, and … it was pretty big!

I’m really happy that the narration was in English. But why was it in English?

Cool that now that “Follow Me” video has some context.

It’s tempting to compare this to what Babymetal did at SSA last year, or even BiS’s farewell at Yokohama Arena, but let’s just line up apples with apples here: Babymetal is a project of one of the largest talent agencies in Japan and seem to have a very liberal budget; BiS was saying goodbye forever, had Avex Trax behind them and definitely weren’t going down quietly; so to be disappointed that a kinda-indie that’s supporting a huge lineup and its own theater and on and on doesn’t have a tremendously elaborate set and ridiculous visual production is kind of sour grapes.

Take it for what it is: A supergroup that’s kind of the apotheosis of underground-idol-culture-meets-rock-music did a really big performance at a really big venue, and that’s a very good thing for this kind of music going forward.