I Think sora tob sakana Just Won a Bunch of 2017 Awards

What a thing to wake up to:

My initial reaction was that we’d probably need to forget about voting for most of the Best of 2017 stuff, because this precious little gift could clean up like nobody’s business.

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And Now I’m Looking Forward to sora tob sakana’s New EP

I get the feeling that lots of folks have been aware of this and just not telling me, but I saw on Friday that coolly creative alt-everything idols sora tob sakana were putting out an EP:

That’s good news! But its real value is in contextualing the tracks that they’d been adding to Soundcloud lately. Continue reading

Got a Nice Little Rock Song by sora tob sakana Here

I don’t know how much you guys might know this very precious alt-idol unit; I only ever got into them via deep runs into YouTube playlists that started with You’ll Melt More! and passed through the likes of Schoolyard Camera Girl before eventually reaching familiar territory in Sakura Gakuin and GEM and the like. But along the way, there was sora tob sakana!

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