I’m Bringing in Ska Idols for Indie Idol Wednesday

By some odd stroke of luck, I wound up with a plethora of stuff that would be good for Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, but I felt like I was going to wind up treading a little too closely to familiar territory, so I wracked all 19 remaining brain cells to think of somebody to visit who might be off the beaten path, and then I remembered …

The Ska Idol Project! Neither Like,Hate,Love nor her sisters in Snowdrop did very well in the Corenament, but such is the story for a great many things. It’s nice to see, though, that they’re still staying busy and getting onto various festival stages in addition to the usual club scene:

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Snowdrop Is Live and I’m Down with It

This is one that I’d been meaning to come back to for a while, gang, mostly because I have a bit of a fascination with the solo ska idol project Like, Hate, Love, which means that I’m taken with the idea of her new sister unit, Snowdrop.

They debuted … like a week and change ago? But they’re doing gigs, which is the main thing, and are adding video to YouTube, which is a smart thing, so we actually know what they’re like on stage:

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Update from the Front Lines of Ska Idol

This is pretty awesome: In addition to the dope solo skadol project Like, Hate, Love, the … well, the Ska Idol Project has launched a sister group, Snowdrop.

This appears to be what they sound like:

There’s ska, then there’s ska-core, and then there’s … that

Their debut live will be on Jan. 22, which just so happens to be a date of significance. Continue reading