Diamondollfy Continues to Grow Up

Wow, has it been … several days! Yeah, I’m late to this party. Sue me. It’s Diamondollfy, who, along with the rest of their Blue Forest compatriots, don’t ever seem to quite connect with you all. And that’s fine. For Diamondollfy, though, it means missing out on some pretty enjoyable tracks, like for instance from their second single:

I have extolled the surprising, sneaks-up-on-you loudness of Diamondollfy in the past — indeed, at least in my experience, they’re the most reliably rock in the family — but this may be the first time that I’ve seen them so explicitly calling out that one essential rock-sound element. You know, a band. That they are a band. Which they aren’t, but it’s still one of those key visual things that tells a particular story about you and what you want a– I’ll stop belaboring something that you probably get. Continue reading