There Are Now Three Cheeky Parade Entry Points Here, Help

Cheeky Parade! Their name itself summons up notions of incorrigible Cockney youth, possibly chimneysweeps but almost certainly guttersnipes, song-and-dancing their way through the cobbled streets of turn-of-the-last-century London while well-heeled ladies and industrialists scoff in offense. That is not them, however!

No, this Cheeky Parade, they’re a pretty popular idol group that does some sitting between worlds; they aren’t loudols per se, but they can get loud, as evinced by their donation of one-fifth of NATASHA (entry point 1), and they like to mix it up and do things like NERFY GUINER BIEBER (entry point 2!). But they can also do the loud thing on their own merits:

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