Oh Em Gee, There’s a Dots EP

Can I confess something to you guys? I’ve been a little de-motivated lately. We had a super fun December with all of the Best Of stuff, and then the first few days of the new year were like a smorgasbord of music and video and announcements … and then not a whole hell of a lot happened. Now, granted, there are always new discoveries to look at, and it’s not completely quiet out there in the idolverse. It’s just … you know, sometimes you need a little kick to make things go. It’s winter, it’s cold, the sun never shines. Can’t something go off and add some excitement?


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Oh, You Guys, There’s New Dots and It’s Lovely

Dots, the enigmatic shoegaze idol newcomers, have become an object of fascination for some in our little community. Well, like me and Brian and Justin and probably a few less vocal proponents. But still! Full of mystery as to who they are, what they’re about and even where they come from, they’re hard to not pay attention to.

They post video constantly, but very little of that video is of performance; see the other side of the jump for some of the typical video that shows up on their channel. Whoever’s in charge has a wicked sense of humor and ginning up interest. But when you see a stage and Dots members on it, you should probably pay attention.

Oh, that’s just cruel

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I’ve Never Been Happier to Have No Idea What’s Happening

You Idolmetal group denizens may have noticed this nifty little call back to the heyday of shoegazer:

Why, that’s wonderful! And who a–

・・・・・・・・・? They’re dots? What the blue blazes? Continue reading