This Is SHINGEKI At Their Best

It was really annoying to not get to post about this yesterday, because of all the things that SHINGEKI has done in their year+ weird, winding journey to becoming the thing called SHINGEKI, this is arguably not only the best thing that they’ve done, but the most SHINGEKI thing that they’ve done at the same time:

For one thing, that’s the kind of wild-ass composition that only idols and the likes of Maximum the Hormone can pull off unironically. And I’m talking about way more than just the synths + beats turning what could be a metal song into a dance number — you have the random breaks, the extremely random additional spoken-word breaks, the not-quite-there commitment to English, the vocal put-ons … if you’re into the type, you’re way into this song. Continue reading

The Long Arc of History Bends Toward SHINGEKI

And speaking of things that are already a couple of days old but definitely deserve to be mentioned, have you seen the latest not-really-tied-to-a-release-or-anything MV from SHINGEKI?

That two-step, though

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SHINGEKI Has Inspired Me to Try Something New

Dropping balls all over the place anymore, gang. SHINGEKI, the ever-metamorphosing idol project that could yet again re-brand at any moment, actually dropped this particular new video a few days ago, notably on a day when I had my eyes in lots of places that weren’t idol at all, and I’d have never even picked up on its existence because the only ripple that it made in Western Wota Space-time was in fact Terry’s reaction video.

Given that SHINGEKI’s composer-san loves nothing more than to splice together some of the most random, discordant chunks of music theory to nonetheless compile some fairly enjoyable songs, I knew that I had to do something with it. But I also got a stupid, devilish idea. So:

The hell?

Please allow me friends, to approximate the effects of a reaction video … in text! Continue reading

Make Me a Believer, SHINGEKI

You guys know that I run kind of hot and cold when it comes to Yannderu Ame YAMIAME Imonikomi SHINGEKI, but, when they get stuff right, they get it right as rain.

For example? They’re recording solo tracks, a proposition that’s often fraught with combined promise and potential disappointment. This one is Imoko’s. I seriously want it to be good and loud.

Imoko-chan, a thousand blessings upon you. That was good. And of course we all deserve a little something extra for having taken it in. Continue reading

That’s More Like It, SHINGEKI

So in the Weekender I complained a little bit (little bit) about SHINGEKI, who showed lots of relevant coolness and then kept releasing things and one of them wasn’t as loud and cool. WHATEVER. Remember, they have as much history in less than a year than many idol projects do in half of a decade, and as such can dredge up all kinds of interesting things as suits their interests.

Such as:

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Actually, What’s about to Happen Might Be the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Made

No, not the notall one. This one:

“Hey, what can you tell me about SHINGEKI?”

Well, they’re very animated.

/laughing doge meme

Shut up, you guys. Continue reading

Here’s Everything That SHINGEKI Unleashed upon the World

Ah yes, friends, the ever-shifting indie idol Thelemites now known as SHINGEKI (which, wow, that was an accidentally perfect confluence of references) dumped a bunch of new music and video onto YouTube at the end of the week, and I hadn’t had a good chance to rope that into the schedule, so consider this another archive post.

Worth it, though?

Worth it.

Declaration of War!

For this one, they shared the lyrics and have their own suggested MIX: Continue reading

Idol to Idol to Idol: An Odyssey

Okay, so you guys are possibly aware of Yannderu Ame, who were momentarily exciting a few months ago. Then they rebranded and became YAMIAME, basically the same thing, but not the same kind of dark and brooding tears-in-rain -core idols, but more we-are-somewhat-dark-and-hard idols. Then THAT BROKE UP ON STAGE to launch the literally no-joke temporary unit Imonikomi, which … honestly, I started to lose track of what the hell was going on at that point, but today, TODAY friends, they finally un-temporaried themselves as the latest iteration in this mad project’s long, not-at-all-graceful curve:

Thank you, PIH!

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