In Which NEO JAPONISM Pursues the Pinnacle of Idol Expression

I’m still fighting through the mini ‘rona you apparently get when this double-dose vaccine built with the intention of stopping a previously unstoppable — heretofore unknown! — virus in its tracks, so forgive the shortposting, but also the title says it all. You sometimes just don’t have anything more useful to say than to point at the thing and tell other people to go look at it. I’d have preferred that NEO JAPONISM have dropped this when I was both available and hale, but as it stands I was none of those things and now the last thing I want to do is put thought into a post. So:

Also, I apparently missed Hina going with blue hair

I mean, cool song and all, but it’s actually the video that I love best. I’m split between whether it’s innocently the most idol thing in existence — determination! perseverance! togetherness! running! — or deliberately (and therefore less charmingly) so. Either way, it was exactly what I needed to see this morning. Go get those flags! May we all be inspired to metaphorically do the same things in our own lives.