Dots Appropriately Provides a Religious Experience for Holy Saturday

It figures that almost immediately after hitting Schedule on that post about the lazy weekend and the video teasers, a real-deal MV was delivered unto the world by Dots. Dots! The exciting little shoegazer+ project with the enigmatic look and bizarre/incredible performance style and Maniac’s heart with a little bow around it. Those Dots!

The song is “Satellite,” but the choreography is apparently a chimera. As Brian put it, “We appear to finally have a genuine, bonafide, non-abstract and reasonably professional-but-not-too-professional DOTS PV!” Anyway, enjoy it because you deserve nice things:

That lead guitar gives me hope

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I Want Dots to Be Part of the Show

I’m only halfway kidding about wanting the fabulously lo-fi shoegazer faux-mumblecore Dots to want to be part of the Next Music from Tokyo project, but tell me that this performance of “Satellite” isn’t right on point:

Dreamy, effects-heavy alt-rock; innovative choreography; incredibly indelible look … they’re just right on the driving edge of cool in idol. Continue reading