BiS Gave Us New Video for a Not-new Song but Also Unveiled Their New Look

I actually almost popped when the announcement hit Twitter — NEW BIS MV OMG! — and was just the tiniest bit let down that the video wasn’t for the upcoming single release, but was actually for “Romeo’s Heart” off of the last album (which was good on the whole!). It’s still an indie release, so it’s published by Tsubasa and is, of course, region-blocked until some generous soul posts it to another service helpfully re-upped by a friend!

BiS-新生アイドル研究会 /「ロミオの心臓」[OFFiCiAL ViDEO… by idolvizion

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We Got Two More BiS Previews!

While I’m not even going to comment on the latest BiS-related kerfuffle, I was pretty eagerly waiting for when they were going to do something more album-related than this ridiculous marathon business, and they delivered today.

Mixed bag of stuff!

Ska-core! How tremendously fitting in the context of what else is scheduled for today!

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