I Review Things Weirdly: BiS | “Re:STUPiD”

Cover art from the album Re:STUPiD by Japanese idolcore legends BiS

This review’s going to be more than a little different from how we usually do things, because a thought occurred to me when folks started to talk about the songs being released from Re:STUPiD as if they might be unrecorded work from Lui Frontic Akabane JAPAN (I can see arguments pro and con and have at different times supported either) — we’re thinking about BiS and their music now in the completely wrong way. See down at the end for the punchline and why I legitimately think that’s good and bad, but for now … on to the review! Continue reading

BiS’s ‘gives’ Might Not Be Want You Want, But It Gets the Job Done

I’m going to go right ahead and say that using a proxy or whatever you need to do to watch the MV for the final song from Re:STUPiD is a good idea. Ready? Good? Okay.

Click me to see a version for the United States

Thanks the gods. Continue reading

Wake up to New BiS Times Two

It was only a matter of time before BiS started teasing out more material from Re:STUPiD; the first thing you should do is give these a listen:

OTOTOY download

“If Tomorrow Comes” is a pumped-up combo shot of a bunch of well-worn BiS territory; it reminds me of “ODD FUTURE” in particular, with some “FiNAL DANCE” mixed in; I say this as praise, because those are both great songs of theirs from the original final album, when they were the most mature musically, if a bit defanged.

There is no such issue with this next one. Continue reading

BiS Will Set the Record for Shortest Time Before Its Second Album

I actually don’t think that title’s true. I just didn’t want to put the inflammatory stuff there.

Well, kids, I hope none of you were hoping to ask out any BiS members around Valentine’s Day, because they already have plans: They’ll be promoting their second album.

Yep! That was an awful joke and I should feel bad. Continue reading