Checkmate Is Now KING RAGE, Brutal(er)

If you recall, lovely people, that we are in a weird era of idol resurrection, you may recall that Checkmate, which had all but dissolved into non-existence over a period of months, was teasing a comeback of some sort or another during the last few weeks. On Monday, they issued the big reveal:

KING RAGE! What a name! That’s right up there with St. Anger in my book, and everybody knows that nothing related to St. Anger could ever possibly go wrong. Continue reading

You Guys Should Check out Marbles

Here’s another one of those recent debuts that’s worth noting; your friend and mine Pure Idol Heart as usual the referrer. Check out Marbles (Twitter):

True story: I’ve listened to this like 30 times

I approve. Continue reading

Q’ulle Seems Very Ready for Their Big Re:Start

The upstart queens of idorock, Q’ulle, are thankfully still alive (get it?) after the little bit of drama back in the fall, and they’re promoting their big “evolution” show on Jan. 7 using the only means that ever makes sense — by DVD video digest!

Just in case that Facebook post didn’t render, or you like embeds or something

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It’s a Very Quiet Day in Idol, So Here’s Something Wild

Well, kind of wild. In a long-distance, lo-fi kind of way.

But loogit! Pikarin was recently joined on stage by Shinozaki Kokoro, ex of petit pas!, and the two of them did one of the loudest, screamiest duet versions of “Re:START” you ever will hear:

Picked up via Patrick

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Petit Pas! Would Like to Remind You to Like Them Cuz They Have an Album on the Way

More than a few people have recommended petit pas! in the recent past, and I’ve been sort of vaguely aware of them for a while, imagining them more in the vein of the sister site that may or may not happen.

What the hell was I thinking? Continue reading