I Review Things: petit pas! | “Refrain”

Cover for Japanese idolcore rock idol group petit pas! album Refrain

I usually put a disclaimer here, but I’m very pleased to be able to say that I’m able to do this review with eyes wide open and without any pre-existing bias or anything. Just big thanks to the person who helped me acquire this album; I literally couldn’t have done it without your help.

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It’s Monday, So of Course There’s Something From petit pas!

After the longest tease in human history, petit pas! finally got around to releasing their debut album, Refrain, last week. More on that to come, but right now their official YouTube channel has available-one-day-only video from their release performance:

That title track is a good one, but “Yozora” is up there, too; good enough to be featured in this commercial for non-alcoholic sparkling wine:

That commercial will live forever, but the live video will be gone by this time tomorrow, so enjoy and share.

These New petit pas! Tracks Will Power Your Day

I’m a little sad thinking that petit pas! is probably done posting tracks to Soundcloud now that these two are up, but eight songs? Tasty. We got a very good look at their body of work and can appreciate that they may have taken little steps to get there, but their first album was worth the wait.

Here’s the art, incidentally:

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