None Can Resist the Power of the Fox God: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Babymetal

I am so stupid happy to bring this to you guys.

Well, unless you’ve seen it elsewhere. But! Dave K. bopped the link to this over email this morning, and I felt like I was duty-bound to bring you Babymetal blending chocolate and chili peppers, a combination that I’ve never found as tasty in execution as one might hope, but is pretty fun when turned into a live musical performance:

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Monday Match Game: Who Is Best Metal?

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game! We took off last week to allow the Best of 2016 voting process to kick off, but I wanted to bring the game back in time to honor a truly momentous occasion in the history of idol metal.

For the past several weeks, Babymetal has been in the UK, touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What started off as something of a tepid reaction from fairly unfamiliar crowds has since turned into a bizarre carnival as rock veterans take time out of their own headlining show to incorporate the relative newcomers and … yep, even wish their leader a happy birthday:

This means that thousands of new souls are being converted to the faith of the Fox God, which means that they’ll inevitably find their way online, which means that they too will soon become embroiled in the ultimate question: Who is best metal? Continue reading

Adorkable Things Happened When Su-Metal Joined the Chili Peppers on Stage

Just think — it’s Thursday, winter is blowing in with a vengeance and the holidays loom. What better way to start your day than this short clip of Su-Metal jamming out sans an ounce of care with the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

The clip ends, I’m told, because the sudden appearance of Yuimetal and Moametal caused space-time to fold in on itself; unverified

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Anybody Want to See Babymetal’s RHCP Set?

So while it seems that Red Hot Chili Peppers fans (at least in the UK) may not be Babymetal’s target audience after all, this late-year run of British tour stops is still something that we — as Babymetal fans and/or heavy idol fans who may/be not have an interest in the phenomenon spreading more broadly outside of Japan — probably needed to see and get used to.

Yes, Babymetal is somebody else’s support band getting a lukewarm reception.

That’s good, though! At some point, this whole thing actually needs to become kind of mundane, just another way for musical performance to be done. Not everybody’s going to like it, but when it’s accepted as a part of the show anyway? Right on. I couldn’t be happier for Babymetal in particular and for the all of us in general. Continue reading

What Very Confusing Babymetal Tour News

Hey guys, guess what! In December, Babymetal‘s going back to the UK, and you’ll almost definitely be able to get tickets for the shows!

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