Damn, RABBITS Lab Is Starting 2018 Right

I was starting to feel kind of bad, you guys. I was. If you crank back the Wayback Machine to lo about June, I was having a little bit of a RABBITS Lab moment — weird little solo idol project with odd bunny theme and genuinely strange videos. Then said bunny went ahead and had her debut live, and … and I was somewhat unkind.

Since then, just about all we’ve seen from RABBITS Lab HQ has been weird video game play-through videos. I wondered if, much like THE WiLD TRUMPS, RABBITS Lab had effectively been abandoned, the Twitter account being a place for bored manager-sans to play. And then, from nowhere, this happened:

That’s good hustle!

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RABBITS Lab Finally Debuts, Confounds

Well, after months of anticipation, the enigmatic RABBITS Lab made … her? her debut back on the 31st and only just got this video digest of the performance posted the other day.

I warn you: What you’re about to see is a very chika idol performance in a very small venue populated by adults with rabbit ears on their heads.

So many rabbits

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It’s Time for Some Fresh RABBITS Lab

So, RABBITS Lab. Remember her/them/whatever? Strange. But new!

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What the Rabbits Hath Wrought

Man, you guys, I don’t know if this quite qualifies of Thursday Hurtsday. I just know that my ongoing leporiphobia demands that I bring this back.

Remember RABBITS Lab? I do — it’s etched in my nightmares. So, like, I’m stoked that yesterday brought a couple of new videos.

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Happy Easter! Here Are Things to Enjoy

It’s Easter Sunday for the Christian world, and much of the world that connects to the Christian world, and even for lots of people who aren’t Christian at all but like to have an excuse to have candy, and while we could celebrate the happy re-birthday of Jesus of Nazareth with a little Living Dead I Dolls, I’ll aim instead for the more pagan/secular side of the celebration.

First up! MOAR RABBITS LAB, which has been out for a few days but I was sitting on because, come on, Easter:

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For the Tuesday WTF, Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

I’m starting to get a little bit of an additional fascination with RABBITS Lab, I’ll admit, because I don’t understand the project, the idol persona, the creative process, any of it, at all, at any time.

So imagine: I have about 20 minutes this morning to find something WTF-worthy, and Twitter’s turning up bupkis, so it’s time to take the terrifying journey called Look Through Maniac’s YouTube Subscriptions for New Videos. Why is this terrifying? Because I have many subscriptions, and also many random subscriptions to accounts that do a lot of live video and the like, but also add all kinds of things that don’t interest me at all, and sometimes things that I find strange and disturbing.

Anyway, TMI; I was very fortunate today because RABBITS Lab, being pretty fresh yet, was right near the top of the list, and yes, there was a new upload, and yes, it’s completely appropriate:

Oh no, “LABBITS Lab.”!

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Thursday Hurtsday Brings Bunnies, But Not What You Expect

Old pal Pure Idol Heart, who has the unique ability/privilege to basically live and breathe idols, shared out another new project the other day, and I immediately thought “Thursday.”

Friends, this is loud:

This is RABBITS Lab (Twitter), and I’ll be damned if I didn’t think for a second that I was listening to DOLL$BOXX. Continue reading