We Just Lost a Source of Purchase from Japan

This is a really weird situation, and possibly kind of a fluid one, so bear with me.


This is true. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the message itself, so I won’t, but a fan who wanted to buy BiSH’s Less Than Sex tour final DVD via Amazon Japan found that they couldn’t; upon contacting the company, they were informed (in English!) that “the item is only available for domestic orders due to the restrictions of the music production company that sells this DVD.”

That’s talking about Avex, and Avex seems to have a problem with sales abroad. Continue reading

Necronomidol’s Latest Is Now on Spotify, Downloads

After the super favorable review that I gave Necroma‘s from chaos born, I’m sure that you all were just champing at the bit to download and listen to it. And now you can!

You can also get a preview (that is, listen to it all) on Spotify.