It Finally Happened: BiSH and ‘Promise the Star’

I knew the MV drop was coming, and I waited for it, and then it happened and I just spent about 30 minutes just going back over it and trying to decide how I feel. I love BiSH, you know? I’m one of the goobers who pretty universally supported what they were doing even as other folks found faults — that’s okay! we’re not always going to agree on everything! — and can be fairly said to have been really eagerly anticipating their second major label single.

So here’s “Promise the Star”:

Where are you on this one? And take your time; I have things, but I also don’t want to be setting an agenda here (thought you can probably tell what it is). Ready?

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BiSH: The Music Video: The Trailer

With BiSH having a major single out next month, getting a music video was inevitable. Unfortunately, we have no music video yet. However, we do have a trailer for a music video:

Personally, I never saw the point in trailers for things like music videos. But I can’t lie that the piano notes at the end gave me chills!

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And of Course BiSH Has a New Single Rolling Soon, Too

Jeez, you’d swear that the first day of a new year were some kind of prime opportunity to make big announcements about your idol project or something.

March 22. “Promise the Star.” And … unique gifts. Continue reading