969 Already Has More Video for You

Not even a week has gone by, and the newest entry into the poppy punky idolcore-y rock wars, 969 (which Jul has informed us is pronounced “Clock”), has another live video/studio recording for us, for “Prologue.” Now featuring idol lead guitar!

I do dig that riff, I must admit.

As an aside, can I just say that I love when new groups come out firing with both barrels, but I hate when they do that for a little while and then live on just that for months on end? I WANT TO LOVE YOU JUST GIVE ME THE MATERIAL!

These New petit pas! Tracks Will Power Your Day

I’m a little sad thinking that petit pas! is probably done posting tracks to Soundcloud now that these two are up, but eight songs? Tasty. We got a very good look at their body of work and can appreciate that they may have taken little steps to get there, but their first album was worth the wait.

Here’s the art, incidentally:

Now these final two songs: Continue reading