Know Your BiStory #1: primal.

Gang, we made it. It’s time for #1 in the Know Your BiStory countdown. There are some truly great songs in the world. And then there’s “primal.”

It’s literally a huge honor to get to write about this song. “primal.” wasn’t the group’s consensus #1 when we all voted, but it sort of emerged while we worked out which track was more awesome than another. And, given everything we’ve seen so far, that shows an extremely high level of respect.

I think the most important thing to consider about “primal.” is that, awesomeness aside, it came at one of the biggest — if not the biggest, period — pivot points in BiS’s tumultuous history; Yokoyama Rina, today known as Rinahamu and one of the most creative, prolific women in J-music, had left the group because she just couldn’t with the antics, and Terashima Yufu, the infamous Yuffy, had been recruited to replace her. They had an album and two singles — both of which are on this list — and this third single was representative not of where BiS had come from, but where they were going.

It’s fucking exquisite. Continue reading