You Guys Have All Seen the New PREDIANNA by Now, Right?

For those of you who already had a chance to see (and hear!) this sucker, my apologies for being late to the party. I’d actually normally just slip something like this toward the Weekeder on account of my being so late to it, but it’s the kind of thing that I want to have as a standalone post because people looking around for loud idols deserve to walk right into something this loud:

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Damn, Predianna, Where Have You Been?

Never let it be said that is home only to music that would be at home in your cousin’s ’84 Impala; we also indulge in music that said cousin keeps in a guilty pleasures box in his basement apartment. For instance, I think we can all agree that legit power pop* (sometimes also known as idorock!) is a good time, and to be able to get more of it into our ears from time to time is a very good idea.

Viz Major, as always, on it

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