A Most Torturous Friday Fun

It felt so nice to be able to spam twitter with virtual WACK torture again. And it was awesome to see your own creations too!

If you haven’t been paying attention to BYS, you’re missing out. Especially if like me, your favourite era of BiS was the “final” lineup (up until they got rebooted anyway), since it’s essentially just Pour Lui trapping her former bandmates, possibly in the dungeon she keeps in her basement, and making them do typical YouTuber shenanigans with her. I am 100% here for this.

And that first video was launched on none other than April Fools Day! Yes, after hinting that her next career move would be into Youtube ever since her graduation announcement, we all assumed Pour Lui’s Youtube channel was just going to be one elaborate April Fools prank. But as of writing, it’s still going strong! And it is honestly the highlight of my day. Let’s help one of the original queens of alt in her new career by coming up with some new shenanigans to inflict upon her poor former co-workers! Continue reading