Our Halloween Gift to You: 10 Creepy-ass Idol Videos

Happy Halloween everyone! I bring you the big thing I’ve been working on that wasn’t actually very big at all and Maniac hyped it way too much that now I feel bad. Just go look at the official Homicidols Spotify playlist if you want a much cooler gift from me.

But what Halloween is it without seeing something spooky? Unfortunately, this is an idol blog, so I can’t exactly write about Paranormal Activity or Five Nights at Freddy’s or whatever you kids are into these days, but I can bring you some appropriately spooky idol music videos! Some were submitted by you lovely readers, some I found myself. Lets go into the top 10 creepiest idol music videos! Continue reading

Playlist Your Heart(bleed) Out

“Gee whiz, Maniac” you often find yourself saying aloud in completely inappropriate scenarios, “I sure do wish there were places where I could go and listen to all of this awesome music that you and all of the other cool kids are always talking about.”

I’m flattered! And also pre-emptively tried to be helpful going back to when I started this project by building the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist, an ever-updating selection of the finest in the heavy, the intense, the weird and the violent in the world of idol.

But that’s not all! Continue reading

Introducing the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist

Still a little uncertain about what homicidol music is all about? Just want something to leave on during work so you can rock out?

The Ultimate Homicidol Playlist is a collection of (YouTube) videos that includes most of the best available from groups that are doing it different, doing it hard, doing it harder than the rest of the idol scene. This is metal. This is punk. This is hardcore. This is idol.

Don’t see your favorite song? Don’t see your favorite group? Say so! This is meant to be a representative and substantial list. If you think that a group or a song should be included (and they’re on YouTube), make the case in the comments.