PLANCK STARS ReBoot Part IV: The Final Form

It seemed like the new PLANCK STARS cast announced about an hour ago felt like a bit of a desperation move, so it will come as a surprised to no one that the whole lineup was suddenly and unceremoniously dumped at the last minute for a much more promising option.

Just as the curtain was set to rise on the new system debut live, YABACUBE announced that PLANCK STARS will be moving ahead as an all all-star duo consisting of:

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While the countdown to the debut live of the new PLANCK STARS system continues to tick by, YABACUBE has again found themselves in the position of having to recast the unit from scratch. While their strategy of hiring seasoned veterans appeared sound, they quickly learned that there is a downside to hiring a bunch of idols with lots of units on their resumes: while they may be long on experience, they are short on attention spans and don’t tend to stay long with any single group.

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While we were just adjusting to the sudden replacement of every member of PLANCK STARS earlier this morning, it seems that the punk idol unit has now gone and set a record by imploding twice in a single day. Shortly after announcing the revamped line-up, the new PLANCK STARS system fell apart without making it to their debut live which is still scheduled to take place in just a few hours. It seems that the AI-generated TiDNE had traded her image as an NFT on a dodgy marketplace that went bankrupt and she suddenly vanished as her link on the blockchain expired. Neil deGrasse Tyson then bowed out after realizing he had signed on to an idol unit and not an astrophysics research venture. Soon after, it was learner that PiiPii TOPGUN had been arrested for underage drinking while in math class. Meanwhile Mouse Lemur ran off into the woods with Continue reading

Surprise Reboot: Let’s Meet the New PLANCK STARS!!

In a surprise move, punk idol unit PLANCK STARS announced this morning the sudden graduation and replacement of all current members, effective immediately. Apparently, shortly after their latest album “Ochi ω Rema °” hit #1 on the Oricon Daily charts, the members asked for contract modifications. Instead of capitulating to their idol’s new  demands, YABACUBE replaced the entire line-up with high quality cyborgs. This plan was going fine unit Rairai-bot-chan reconfigured Richan-bot to download porn. The resulting rampant infection by computer viruses quickly spread among the androids rendering the entire group inoperable.

After a lightning audition, YABACUBE unveiled the new PLANCK STARS system that will be debuting at a reboot live later on today. So, let’s meet the new members!!

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Let’s All Enjoy Planck Stars Together

And so for the second time in roughly a month, we kinda sorta Let’s Discover some idols that in fact are pretty well Discovered, all thanks to shoddy memory and a trust that a unit of X degree of quality would never be missed here at Homicidols Dot Com. And yet! Here we are with Planck Stars, which I take to mean the Max Planck Stars as theoretical physics and quanta are an excellent theme for idols, and who I always just kind of assumed had been writing about off and on for a good long while, only to discover (heh) in the process of blogging this post that no, I had not, though they’ve made various Weekender appearances as is usually how this works.

Nevertheless! Here we are now. They have a new song and a new MV so let’s look at them together:

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