It Turns out That petit pas! Was Just Messing Around

Yeah, there was another new song this week. It’s like they didn’t realize it was Monday or something:

This isn’t the first time I’m saying this, but: The album’s out tomorrow or today or something. This has to be it, right? Unless this is their Thriller and they have literally hundreds of songs written and the only thing holding them back from a mega-release is the calming influence of Quincy Jones?

Again, if you want to hear every track from their album, this is how to do it.

You Just Keep Doing You, petit pas!

I’m sitting at an expo booth and doing IRL work, and petit pas! continues to not GAF about any kind of embargo of their upcoming album release. And every time I think we’ve heard everything that’ll be on Refrain, they just drop another track.

How is it? It’s going to be many long hours before I get a chance to listen, so I’m trusting in you all to tell me how great this is.

This Is the 10th Straight Monday of New petit pas! Music

I guess “new” may be a little relative in this case, given that they’ve been performing some of these songs for a couple of years, but you know what I mean.

Way to find a way to remain a conversation piece for better than two months, petit pas!

The 10th Track from the petit pas! Album Gets Pop-epic

I actually started off being like “oh, and now the shoe has dropped and we’re officially back in regular idol territory,” and then the song took off and thanks for being patient with me, petit pas!

Just a reminder that you can find all of these pre-releases here.

They Do Let Our Kind into Things Like iCON DOLL LOUNGE

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I had no earthly idea what this was and why it was a big deal on Twitter over the weekend, but it actually looks like a lot of fun.

Apparently, iCON DOLL LOUNGE is a fashion show / performance event that has idols strut their stuff in what might be seasonal fashion wear, then tear it up on stage. I’m still trying to see all who was there, but this past weekend’s event featured a whole bunch of site favorites, including the beloved PassCode and personal favorite that all you tasteless fools don’t heed well enough Bellring Girls Heart. Continue reading

Petit pas! Just Wanted Us to Think They Were Done Releasing New Songs

Are you even kidding me at this point?

Amazing. After last week, I thought we were done, but petit pas! had at least one more track up their sleeve. They’re really going for it on this album, aren’t they? Here are all of the previous posts about this. Continue reading

These New petit pas! Tracks Will Power Your Day

I’m a little sad thinking that petit pas! is probably done posting tracks to Soundcloud now that these two are up, but eight songs? Tasty. We got a very good look at their body of work and can appreciate that they may have taken little steps to get there, but their first album was worth the wait.

Here’s the art, incidentally:

Now these final two songs: Continue reading

Get Your Monday petit pas! Right Here

Who even needs commentary at this point? Petit pas! are just on a damn roll. And this is right up there with the rest of the very quality stuff that they’ve been putting out there ahead of the album release.

Petit pas! is also in the running to win “best but also most random album art.”

There are six more Monday left before the album hits on May 25; six songs have now been released during this run. How many more do you think they have in them?

Many Asses Were Kicked in the Making of this petit pas! Song

I don’t even want their album to come out anymore. I want them to just keep releasing a song a week until I die.

If you felt a sudden boot to your butt, it’s because they were actually looking for more asses to kick.

I am so sorry for ever having doubted you, petit pas! Please continue to make music that we can listen to for free. I’ll buy your record. Pinky swear.

Listen to This Ridiculous New Song from petit pas

Petit pas! just keeps releasing new material. How could you be mad about it? Like, how could your emotions possibly feel as complexly enraged as this song?

At this point, the release of their album is going to be a letdown. “Oh, man. Been there, done that.”

Other past petit pas! releases, some of which is new, kind of.