The New Party Rockets GT Has a Very Aspirational Title

I guess the human embodiments of kawaiicore didn’t want to let Christmas get away without pumping us full of good cheer.

Resemblances to Green Day hits entirely intentional!

We literally just found out about this album release, and here’s the lead already. It’s certainly a big step further than the trailer for their one-man! Continue reading

It Looks Like Party Rockets GT Had a Very Nice Party Indeed

Other than mentioning them in the Weekender and then checking out the trailer for their one-man, I haven’t had much occasion to bring up Party Rockets GT lately, and that’s kind of a shame because, extremely tradol though they may be, their music is both quite good and very fun.

We’re about to get a lot more of it!

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Get a Look at Party Rockets GT’s Trailer

I’ve been a bad Maniac: After encouraging others to participate in a bit of #DailyParty Rockets in the run-up to kawaiicore’s finest’s one-man next Sunday, I completely forgot to do it myself … despite both making the call and starting that whole hashtag in the first place and, right, also really like Party Ro–

Look, the point is, they’re good and fun in a completely different way than a lot of our favorites, doing work as completely inoffensive (and indeed quite charming!) kawaiidols who just so happen to perform hard rock music. As the kids say, bless.

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Get a Load of the New MV from Party Rockets GT

Man, do I ever have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it’s still a fun idol rock song:

And the setting of the video is a VR-driven hallucination of Haruka’s, so that’s neat.

On the other, I miss the Party Rockets that banged out things like “Kasabuta” and “Miriae” and sounded like the damn future.

I’m not going to blame anybody, especially not somebody on a major label, for dropping a summer single, especially not one putting their own spin on the concept. It’s just, you used to rock, Party Rockets. This sucker’s coming out on July 20; if we’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s always hope on the B-side.

I Am Eagerly Anticipating the New Single from Party Rockets GT

They don’t have the insane live schedule of many or the overwhelming cultural ubiquity of others, so we don’t get to hear from Party Rockets GT as much as would be nice to have, #DailyPartyRockets notwithstanding. Another single five months after the last will get the job done, though:

If you aren’t familiar … screw it. Let the music do the talking, Maniac:

That’s what a fat guitar riff sounds like.

Just to Show You They’re Serious, TIF Invites Trouble Back on Stage

A few days late to this party, but the Tokyo Idol Festival (a cesspool of scum and villainy) has been releasing its schedule so far. Here’s how I reacted to some of the news as it came out on Friday.

See, TIF is kind of a big deal. Like, the biggest idol festival. The one that can catapult you to national, even international, attention. It’s no place for the kinds of ruffians that inhabit this domain. Continue reading

Here’s a Good Example of Why People Love Party Rockets GT

UPDATE: As it turns out, they’re actually releasing a video a day until the album is released their one-man live on April 17 [apologies to the Party Rocketeers; I had this confused with something else] [also, can we please use that name for Party Rockets fans from now on?].

Follow their YouTube as a morning thing!

Also, bias: My first song of theirs, albeit here performed by the current lineup (i.e., why they’re GT).

You can’t hear the backing track well, but it’s pretty damn heavy.

I love the fact that the latest Party Rockets generation goes out in those pretty white dresses. “Oh, look at the idols, how cute!” #droptuned And I’d actually never want them to change. What they’re doing is great on its own.

GuDro Proclaims Selves Most Heaviest, Will Now Fight It out in this Poll

All right, you bunch of poll crashers, this thing is now closed. Check out the results!

In what appears to be a reaction to BiSH management banning lifting and some other wota activity at their shows, Guso Drop has flat-out declared that not only will they do no such thing, but they are “most heavy idol in the world.”

Yurapiko’s smile does kind of take the edge off the attitude in that photo, however.

That’s a bold claim! Hardcore-as-hell or not, Guso Drop, you can’t just say something like that without objection. This must be settled by blood, or an Internet poll at the very least. Continue reading

Speak, and They Shall Come: New MV from Party Rockets GT

Didn’t I just finish typing that there’s a single coming and cautious optimism and etc.? Candyman candyman candyman!

So along this morning comes a new MV from the kawaiicoriest idols of them all, Party Rockets GT:

Hey, who let the idols in to see Stevie Ray Vaughan play?

Party Rockets GT

Hard edges know no age.

This isn’t even the newest, updatedest Party Rockets GT.

I really have to cop to not having the slightest blessed idea what the interrelationship between Party Rockets, Tokyo Rockets and Party Rockets GT was until I started to work on this site; from the little bit that I’d read while absolutely totally legally obtaining their music, I was under the impression that Tokyo Rockets was the original, Party Rockets was a junior/trainee unit of them, and Party Rockets GT was just plain confusing.

Fear not! (“I wasn’t afraid.” “Shut up, yes you were.”) As it turns out, Party Rockets GT is Party Rockets, only with a highly revamped membership. They also aren’t a junior or trainee unit for anybody, but are actually kind of a weirdly positioned “elder” unit in the revitalized idol rock scene (it’s weird because their average age is like 17). And it’s Tokyo Rockets that’s the add-on sister group.

Anyway! Party Rockets started out as a six-member unit all the way back in 2012, and I’m pleased to see that their group identity has pretty much always been an all-over-the-place rock vibe, with the obligatory J-pop-as-hell vocals coming from these tiny teenaged girls. Who those girls are, however, has largely been in flux, and whether that’s due to agency (yes, they’re an agency creation) or label (major label!) things or just teenagers being teenagers is unknown.

This is surprisingly helpful.

Those major industry connections mean that Party Rockets/GT, despite being a fun project, aren’t quite fully homicidol; their origins go all the way back to Dorothy Little Happy’s parent group, for goodness sake, and ex-members keep finding their way into highly typical idol units. They even did one of those cool temporary group mergers with Otome Shinto (to form Otome Rockets, naturally).

What maybe matters is that, after the usual roster changes over their first few years, Party Rockets did a soft reboot by adding new members in 2015 and rebranding themselves Party Rockets GT. It’s way too soon to tell if they’re going to change much sound-wise or look-wise or anything — and, considering the history, maybe it’s time to just settle on something. Though the latest releases from the next most recent iteration, like “Miraie” and “Kasabuta,” were their way of drifting in a more deliberate kawaiicore direction.

Now, while their sister group Tokyo Rockets is a very clear kawaiicore group, Party Rockets GT, as far as can be told so far, is an absolute in-betweener; in fact, despite probably their most notable songs being deliciously heavy and intense, they edge as close to being typical-idol-and-also-some-rock as they do to idolcore, and that’s fine, but they might not be a group that stays on this site if they ultimately ditch the harder edge.

This is a pretty incomplete profile, as much commentary as substance, but let’s keep our eyes out for good stuff to come; what good they’ve done so far has been very good.

What they sound like

That part of the movie’s soundtrack when the hard-boiled detective and his wacky vaguely-foreign-accented partner go into the seedy strip club to find the Russian (always Russian!) arms/drug dealer, only have it turn out to be as imagined by a Japanese version of Marie Osmond.

You’ll like them if

You like hard rock music, and you also like J-pop, and you wonder why it took so long for somebody to come up with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

From earlier iterations of Party Rockets/GT:


Haruka, leader of Japanese kawaiicore rock idol group Party Rockets GT
Fumika of Japanese kawaiicore rock idol group Party Rockets GT
Nanase of Japanese kawaiicore rock idol group Party Rockets GT
Himeka of Japanese kawaiicore rock idol group Party Rockets GT
Ayumi of Japanese kawaiicore rock idol group Party Rockets GT


“Miraie” (single)
“Setsunasora” (single)
“Let’s Go!!” (single)
“Kasabuta” (single)
Triangle (album)
“Nijiiro Jet” (single)