This Panda Mic Song Is a Great Example of Why We Do This

Believe it or not, this site has a content strategy.* The original was written three years ago, give or take, and while yes it’s evolved over time, the general framework is still in place. The wild thing about strategies is that, like, they don’t work if you don’t follow them. They’re wonderful guiding documents when you need them, but remarkable pains in the butt when you’re short of time and/or capacity and everything starts to happen. Like when I commented the other day that, with TIF just a couple of weeks away, things would pick up? It’s happening!

So this is what digging out of a hole feels like. The double-edged sword is that the Panda Mic song that I’m about to show you is very fun and solid and like what might happen if you let Maison Book Girl write a punky little ditty for junior idols, so of course I’m going to want to show you that even if it weren’t necessarily tired to the content strategy, and it also is that:

Go ahead and admit it: That’s the best intro ever

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I Completely Missed Panda Mic’s New MV, So Let’s Remedy That Right Now

So funny little story, you guys: About a month ago, I set up notifications for Panda Mic’s Twitter account because they kept announcing their first single and release events and everything, and I, an unabashed fan of this weird little kawaiicore project, didn’t want to miss out when they inevitably dropped an MV on us. Alas, they seemed to be on a codomoomental-on-steroids approach to video, and literal weeks passed without so much as a sniff of MV to promote the single.

Then they slipped it through on the day after Christmas and what’s a Maniac to do, anyway? I was too full of pudding and mulled wine and goat cheese logs to notice!

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This New Track from Panda Mic Is Pretty Fun

Oh wow, do you guys remember Panda Mic? That very deliberately black and white junior idol quintet was like a little refresher of very poppy punk at a time when it seemed like idol was losing the uniquely well-suited-to-it style a little bit.

Well, they’re back, celebrating their anniversary with a new track available via OTOTOY:

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Kawaii Will Eventually Consume Us All: Check out Panda Mic

I’m kind of taking a flyer on the name of the group based on what makes sense to me; don’t blame me for being wrong for once!

If you’re into art-pop kinds of idol, you may be aware of a group called SiAM&POPTUNe, who do some really nice music.

This is not about SiAM&POPTUNe, but what looks like a sister unit of girls young enough to make RIOT BABY feel a little senior. Yes, friends, I give you Panda Mic!

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