Did the Mask Girls Manage to Make #1 Again?

Last week, Kamen Joshi released their much(?)-anticipated single “Personia/ISUMI,” with a very clear goal of matching the success of 2015’s “Genkidane”: Reaching the weekly #1.

Here’s the short version of the MV; why it’s short, not even our friend Char T Saki understands.

Immediately upon release, though, the push for #1 began in earnest:

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Come Get an Early Listen to Kamen Joshi’s New Single

Even though we had fair warning a while back, I’ll admit to damn near forgetting that this release was coming. Leave it to Corenament MVP Char T Saki to have eyes on the ball:

So that’s what they’ve been doing with all the stuff that Armor Girls should be doing!

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This Script Is Familiar: GANG PARADE in Transition Interviews

I think we all remember the SiS interview with Billboard. So much excitement! So much possibility! And then, well, one of the front-runners for Letdown of the Year.

But before Operation Save Our SiS could even get off the ground, the three SiS members who hadn’t yet taken a blood oath against Watanabe were unveiled as the newest members of the suddenly-in-a-ton-of-crap GANG PARADE, and “copacetic” was a word that we could have probably used because it accurately describes that whole thing.

So. Hey look! GANG PARADE being interviewed by Billboard, featuring the former members of SiS!

Translate on your own, gang. Parade.

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