TIF Idol Primer: You Might Want to Look at ONEPIXCEL

Among the many notable idols that you should be flocking to TIF to see this weekend are idols that you probably never heard of, probably never even thought to check out. But if you’re there for fun rock sounds and those crucial acts that smudge the line between “idols the way that people usually think of that” and “blood-spitting thrashcore chika darlings,” you’ll be pleased to know that there are options!

In this case, I say, ditch the rock outright and embrace some of your other less traditional idol sounds. We all know that electronica, by and large, has a dedicated spot in idol, and within that milieu is upcoming TIF appearancer ONEPIXCEL:

That’s (wait, sigh: ONEPIXCEL (Twitter)) their second major single, recently out and frankly pretty cool. They have a good bit of history, though. Continue reading