I Have Never Been So Optimistic in My Entire Life

You. Guys. The weirdest damn thing came across my Twitter feed last night.

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Babymetal World Tour 2016 Confirmed

Not all dates are released yet (they’re promising U.S. West Coast to come), but this is a pretty hefty look back at North America.

I’ll personally be at Philadelphia and Silver Spring, which is literally minutes from home.

Here’s a Facebook event for Silver Spring (basically, DC/Baltimore, if you’re not local and/or curious). And if you are local, here’s a just-started Facebook page for local fans.

Honestly, even if you’re somehow on this site and nonetheless still on the fence when it comes to Babymetal, I can’t recommend more seeing them live. In Toronto last year, they were just wall-to-wall energy from start to stop. I’ve never heard a crowd pop louder than when the scrim dropped at the beginning of “BABYMETAL DEATH.” Everybody was in a ridiculously good mood.

You owe it to yourself, basically.