Your Homicidols Weekender #354

It’s been another busy week in Idol, but it’s about to get busier!

This weekender is, once again, put together by trustee procrastinator Papermaiden, because our overlord Daemon is busy doing what he should do, having fun with Tokyo Psychopath this weekend! On that note, if you are at Saboten Con, come meet us (him)! He is giving the Killer Side of Idol panel on Saturday, September 2 at 11:30.
A rare chance to discuss idols in person!

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Forgive Me for Being All Optimistic about ODORO

I love when friends see things and share things and then we all get to enjoy the good things:

Of course, via the incomparable Mr. Viz

That’s ODORO (Twitter), which is precisely the kind of idol name that I have to ask for help for because I can’t kanji at friggin’ all. That’s not important, though; what’s important is that here’s a tremendous example of the unending recycling job at the heart of chika idol — Kuroneko no Yuutsu! DOPING BERRY! Strawberry Syndrome! Etc.! — entering the art idol side of the fray.

Here’s just a little bit more about that creative bent:

It’s understated, and definitely not Kuroneko nor DOPING BERRY nor a lot of other idol things — frankly, they’re closer to SAKA SAMA in a lot of ways than most anything else. And, true to form, their YouTube channel is the kind of thing that you might want to follow, as the live … there’s gonna be a lot of live, and random stuff, and truly the things that make idol worth following.