Checkmate’s Newest Is Just Stupid Heavy

Holy moley, you guys, if you haven’t had a chance to hear the latest (live!) number from Checkmate, you need to take a few minutes right now and —

Sakes. Continue reading

‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS’ Actually a Bloodbath

Didn’t see that one coming! A little over a week ago, I found that a joint media appearance by Q’ulle and BiSH would be a fun opportunity to pit their two similarly titled songs against one another. The results are in!

And I did not expect that! Like, BiSH is great and all, but I’ll cop to voting for Q’ulle on this one because the choruses and entire second half of “MONSTER” is as top-tier as it gets.

Maybe now you’ll feel like contributing to the power rankings?

‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS,’ Who Ya Got?

There was a media event yesterday that featured both BiSH and Q’ulle

… which is neat on its own. But you know what else is cool? Pitting idols against idols for our own amusement! Continue reading