Yeah, mikicco, You Kick That Song’s Ass

I wish that I had more time to do this song justice, but I don’t, so we’re going shortform and let’s deal with the aftermath later, and also structure sentences so as not to stomp all over the idol’s preferred name rendering.

You remember mikicco, right? Mikitsuko Mikikko. Solo indie idol, pretty good at her craft, doesn’t do a ton of releases and that’s fine, what she does release is good? She has a brand-new MV, and in fact a couple of them, but let’s start with today!

She also posted this one about a month ago: Continue reading

There’s a New Mikicco Track Too

Dang folks, here’s one from the Wayback Machine. Remember Mikicco? Almost exactly a year after our first bout of discovery for one of the limited set of solo rock idols, we got another song:

It’s apparently on sale, but I don’t know if it’s on the most recent single or what, so maybe go pick up a few of her very accessible releases and see for yourself!

Let’s Have Ourselves a Look at Mikicco

It was literally months ago when one of the routine Twitter conversations with Pure Idol Heart got me to pop open a few video snips in my browser at work … whereupon I basically forgot about them for a while. But I needed to clean up my whole business there this week, so I took some time to stick around after hours and account for things, either just Xing it out for being not terribly interesting or setting reminders for myself, and this is the result of one of those reminders.

This is Mikicco (Twitter), aka Mikitsuko Mikikko, and her profile lists her as being less than 4 cm tall and 4 kg in weight, so she must be very small indeed. No really. Also something with shellfish, loving and hating it. Weird girl! Continue reading