A Continuing Study of the Live of Malcolm Mask McLaren

Not tremendously long ago, it felt like the number of people emerging as fans of Malcolm Mask McLaren (or perhaps Malcolm McLaren, if you will) might be the Next Big Idol Fan Thing. They had fun music and everybody seemed to like them! Then what some people took as a weird single happened, Nao graduated, two new members joined, and a lot of the louder voices in support of MMM stopped being so loud.

So maybe some other people can take their place! Here are a couple of just-uploaded live (but pro cut, I think) videos to follow on the last set:

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Malcolm Mask McLaren’s ‘Bordeaux’ Friggin’ Rocks

Man, guys, it’s gonna be a good Friday.

Malcolm Mask McLaren, now operating as much without masks as with, are not in fact going in a musical direction that’s anything other than straight-up idol punk rock, but are in fact straight-up idol punk rock.

I like this so much, I even dispensed with the usual overly alliterative title

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More Live Malcom Mask McLaren

I AM ALL OUT OF CLEVER ALLITERATION THIS MORNING! So let’s just enjoy Malcolm Mask McLaren, still and forever performing with their faces visible to the world, in this live video for “myself” which is a pretty nice song but was already the subject of their first real MV so:

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Malcolm Mask McLaren Barefaced and Live for ‘like this sneakers’

Ahh, Malcolm Mask McLaren, you are so good at moving these releases out in little bunches. Just last week we had “Just Believe”; this time around, we get “like this sneakers,” which I’m sure is new to just about everybody except for you lucky dogs who were in Japan the last couple of months, and that title, I think I know what they’re saying, but I’m also having a lot of fun with it. Almost as much fun as the song! See how I did that?

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Just Believe in Malcolm Mask McLaren

See what I did there?

The mostly malliterative mistresses of melodic hardcore, Malcolm Mask McLaren, made good on their promise to go bare-faced on stage from now on and showed the world that they are not, in fact, terrible swamp monsters by releasing this live video of “Just Believe.”

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More New Malcolm Mask McLaren

Here’s a nice Monday morning kickstarter: MMM, still basking in the afterglow of their successful Melodic Hardcore One-man, have put out another pro-shot live video from the show:

Which do you prefer, this or “ROX”? I’ll do anything for a good (or even a bad!) breakdown, so my preference is easy.

I don’t want to overstate it, but I think Malcolm Mask McLaren might be making a little bit of a move.

I Like Everything Malcolm Mask McLaren’s Doing Here

MMM are having a hell of a week. Almost like they planned it …

When last we met our masked punkers, they were a duo climbing the club ladder. As of this past Monday, no more!

That’s Nao. Nao had her first appearance the other night at Malcolm Mask McLaren‘s “Melodic Hardcore One-man.” Also having its first appearance there? Their new single, “ROX.”

So why not both at the same time?

Watch out for this one. They seem to keep getting bigger venues and sharing stages with bigger idols.