Now It’s Deathrabbits’ Turn to Get the Idolcore Mashup Treatment

Because we like opportunities to smash the creations of others together to celebrate the best things about each entry and take it all to another level, and oh because there’s this contest going on, and also because it involves Psybou Kanojo again and that’s a very germane topic and it involves Deathrabbits, who I haven’t had much opportunity to share around lately, here’s a cool one.


Have a Very Violent Tuesday on Me

In the spirit of all this idol mashup goodness, I finally get to share one of the coolest Large Hadron Collider-esque moments in music: BiSH’s “Deadman” meets Psybou Kanojo’s “最◎暴”.

c/o Jul’s protected account, created by this genius YouTuber

Correct: Two of the most violent pieces of music that idols have ever been associated with, when combined, actually become even more violenter.

I hear things like this, I feel like anything is possible.