Oh Good, Now Coco Needs to Run a Solo Marathon

Stop Watanabe before he kills again:

This is technically happening as a result of her not-great finish in the WACK Election, but I like to think that this is punishment for the glorious stink-eye ol’ Coco gave the boss after the last(?) time GANG PARADE was forced to participate in a marathon spectacle. She is no doubt much pleased. Continue reading

The BiSathon Is Underway, So We May as Well Get Started, Too

This post is a PSA as much as anything; the basic idea for this incredibly stupid venture is sketched out here.

But just a few hours ago, the BiS members began their 100km marathon. While I don’t think any single reader of Homicidols.com has ever attempted anywhere near such a distance, I bet there are at least 20 people out there who can put together 5km, or 30-odd who can do 3km, or some combination thereof that probably also involves folks doing 1km and 10km and rolling a scooter rather than running and all kinds of ways to say:

BiS, your fans run with you

If you join us, remember to snap a photo of yourself or your distance or landmark or whatever (with IDOL gear if you have it!), and tweet @BiSidol and the members using #BiS100 and #BiS100キロ. FWIW, I have a feeling that we’re not going to see results from everybody who took part, or that the combination of humans and distances won’t tally 100km, but that’s okay! We’ll still have put in a simple, supportive demonstration.

Live casts for the members after the jump. Continue reading

Can We Possibly Out-stunt Watanabe?

Bear with me, folks, because this might be the most half-cocked idea I’ve ever had. And I have a lot of half-cocked ideas!

But the kerfuffle over the BiS marathon business got me thinking; regardless of how you feel about the veracity of the thing, it’s a pretty crappy situation for the members even if it is just a work. And, in the spirit of #NewIdolArmy, what can we do to show the members that we’re with them?

Why, we can do it by running 100km ourselves! Continue reading

Oh FFS, BiS Is Doing a Marathon Now, Too


I was like, “Oh, message from the boss, that’s not good, I hope …” and then it was a bunch of mundane thoughts and then Watanabe’s like “we have a day off, how about a 100km marathon?” Continue reading


I almost let this sick, sick event slip under the radar! Remember the whole business with GANG PARADE doing not just one super marathon per WACK’s insane traditions, but a there-and-back 200km relay haul?

That’s gonna happen tomorrow.

You can follow the whole thing on Twitter using #ギャンパレ駅伝 (GANG PARADE LONG-ASS RUN). Or you can follow what I take to be the competing teams and the individual members’ twitcasting! Continue reading

Ends and Beginnings and … Marathons for GANG PARADE

GANG PARADE, whose various epithets I am now officially retiring because it makes sense to until they go through another few months like the last few, held their tour finale tonight to celebrate the release of Barely Last and officially step forward as the new GANG PARADE that now has seven members, three of whom were part of this thing and one of whom is new and only three of which are from the original group that was called POP but was a continuation of Pla2me.

Okay, retiring after this post. I can’t help myself sometimes.

It looks nice!

Garry was there and will undoubtedly run a full report from his epic time in Tokyo, but I’m going to crib from this portion of his future post and tell you that he said the show was good! These are the insights that keep you coming back, folks!

You’ll note, though, that new members and a new era for GANG PARADE mean a new look for GANG PARADE, too, as is typical for WACK groups:

As is Watanabe inserting himself because Watanabe

Hm. Muted colors, sort of earthy, even militant … and those IDOL is DEAD-era tattoo sleeves … oh no. Continue reading