Make Some Noise for the BOYS(GROUP)

First article of 2023 and already a strong contender for worst headline of the year. Can we entice you to not close the page with a new music video?

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Gentlemen, Your Chance to Be Aqbi Idols Has Arrived

Every so often, especially back in the early days of the site when every idol giggle felt like a momentous event that had to be shared with the world, I used to share audition information. Here’s a great example from way the heck back in the day. Then and even now, the process by which agencies refill their rosters with talent, and how groups sustain themselves through the inevitable chaos of teenagers’ whims and managers’ improprieties, is fascinating. Also alarming sometimes!

Now, friends, thanks to the unique generosity of Tanaka-san and Aqbi Rec, you too have an opportunity to join an all-male idol group under the There There Theres brand, as long as you’re between the ages of 15 and 22 and aren’t a total jerk:

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The Boys Are All Right: Meet SUPER DRAGON

Once upon a time, I told Mister Mister that I’d be happy to feature any boy bands that did the music to warrant it. It was a safe, innocuous kind of comment, less a promise than a “we’ll see” with a smirk. After all, thought I at the time and plenty of times subsequently because yes I sometimes think about you guys who comment (what of it?), when has the relentless boy band machine that is mainstream J-pop ever turned out something on par with even, say, that lone K-pop outfit that I find significantly entertaining?

Cue up last week’s Weekender and said Mister Mister:

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