Here’s What Fruitpochette and nanoCUNE Have Been Up To

When last we saw Fruitpochette, it was Teratani Mina’s farewell, leaving the future of the group in doubt. And when we last saw nanoCUNE … was never, actually, except in the context of Mad Magazine’s big blow-up earlier in the year.

Nonetheless, feet are being landed on, and we’re learning a little bit about where things go from here. Continue reading

Teratani Mina Is in Fact Retiring

Building on the post from earlier about one half of Fruitpochette graduating along with a whole passel of down-roster talent at Mad Magazine, it turns out that Teratani Mina is leaving not due to a disagreement with management, as I had suggested, but due to actual real-deal health issues.

From her blog today (translations via Google): Continue reading