Homicidols Best of the Year (so far)

We are one half of the way through the Homicidols calendar year (which runs December through November for REASONS) so we thought it was time to make note of the songs, albums and MVs that Team Homicidols have had on repeat for the last six months.  This year’s entries so far seem to largely skew to the punk, shoegaze, and dream pop side of the spectrum, with only a few entries dipping their toes into the louder more hardcore sub-genres. I guess a quieter year is to be expected in the absence of the likes of Melancholic Cinderella Story and Zsasz. However, what the class of 2024 lacks in brutality, it makes up for in inventiveness. As the below offerings graphically demonstrate: alternative idol is still the most creative music laboratory on the planet.

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The Monday Match Game Gets Mad

Some questions have puzzled our finest minds for centuries.  What is the meaning of life?  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Why is Ed Sheeran popular?  Who are the maddest idols?

Well this week we attempt to find an answer to the last of these examples.  Three groups claim to be MAD, and together we are going to pick one of these to be the ultimate Mad Idols!

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The Contenders: Team Homicidols Best of 2022 (So Far)

We lost so many veteran and A-list talents last year that there were thoughts that 2022 would have a dearth of compelling new chika idol releases. To our surprise, the first several months of this new year have instead seen veteran idols producing some of their best ever work while new units have been dropping captivating releases from the word, “Go!” We usually wait until much later in the year to start tossing around contenders for “Best of the Year” nods, but Team Homicidols is finding ourselves so overwhelmed by the volume, diversity and quality of new music that we felt it was important to make some mid-year citations for posterity. 

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I Don’t Know What to Write about This MAD JAMIE MV but Feel Kind of Obligated to Do Something with It So Here

I meant what I said and all, but damn if it doesn’t feel like a stretch to try to build some kind of halfway-useful commentary around every little thing that every dang idol project does all the time. Sometimes a thing is just a thing! A song can just be a song and taken on its own merits without tortured references to other acts; sometimes an MV is just a fun and creative multimedia way to get more content out to the world (and maybe earn a bit of money from views). And really, MAD JAMIE here is still in that growth phase when Uncle Moneybags behind them is going to make things happen anyway, what else do we need to talk about?

Actually two things: I can totally see this song being quirky-cult-summer-single popular in like 1999, and also I have this somewhat uncomfortable remembrance of DEEP GIRL all of a sudden. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen and instead congratulate MAD JAMIE on doing another thing in a likeable way!

Enjoy this promo clip as well:

We Should Probably Be Paying More Attention to MAD JAMIE

I hope you all remember one of my personal favorite Let’s Discover Some Idols idols from a little while back, which context clues should immediately make you realize would be MAD JAMIE, and which then in reverse does reveal my bias for the best debut of 2020. I can own that! If you haven’t listened to their FUCK FOREVER mid-length, I do encourage you to, for it is loud and simultaneously idolly and just delightfully chaotic. But anyway, since their actual physical debut several weeks ago I’ve been somewhat quiet on MAD JAMIE just because I haven’t been paying super-close attention — this isn’t the only MV they’ve put out recently, in fact — and in doing so upon noticing that they’d dropped another video from the album felt like it was time to give ’em a little extra boost while writing tortured run-on sentences.


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Let’s Discover Some Idols: MAD JAMIE

It appears to be that time of year again, folks. That’s right — it’s the time when not a whole lot goes on for about a month, so let’s discover some idols! We’re in an odd-numbered year right now, and history has shown that (idol-ly speaking) it’s the even-numbered that tend to be chock full of awesome debuts and important albums and stuff, and the odd years when things like the Mass Graduation and Disbandment of Beloved Idol Things of 2019 happen. Like, for all its warts, 2020 was a pretty okay year for debuts! And somehow, maybe because the entertainment universe held its breath for the past 12 months or maybe just in penance for the really shitty time we’ve been having as a human society, we’re still getting good ones here in 2021.

So when Mr. Toxic Breakfast himself shared this in Team Chat recently, it definitely felt like something to run with:

That’s MAD JAMIE, obviously, which, as Chris put it, “Thankfully Mad Jamie is not the local 15 year old arsonist, but is some idols.” And what idols! Continue reading