Melancholy of the Black Cat Is Too Cool for You

It’s been about forever and a day since last I had much to share from Kuroneko no Yuutsu, but they’re fairly active and regularly put up stuff on Twitter, etc. It’s just usually of butt quality. This is better!

It’s a shame that hipster scum became such a polarizing pariah status (I blame the asshats who infested Brooklyn), because 90s-style hipster idols — they listen to Sonic Youth and developed ironic self-detachment as a way of dealing with crushing poverty — would be a fascinating sub-scene, and Kuronekono could lead them and everybody could act like they’re too cool to even deal with this stuff, man, putting so much energy into proving how not-important the performance is that an irony singularity forms.

That’d be pretty neat.

I Fix Things: The House Needs Me this Weekend

It has been fun as hell this week, gang, with all kinds of new music all over the place. But my in-laws are visiting and I have to fix and clean a whole bunch of things, so please do take this and enjoy what’s there. Tell a friend or two, “Hey, I really like this stuff going on at, and I think you would, too.”

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Melancholy of the Black Cat Mini-Vid Released Basically Just to Promote a B-side

When last we left Kuronekonoyuutsu, they were releasing their single and had a stripped-down, behind-the-gym-after-school-weed-smoking-makeout video to promote it.

This came out yesterday:

Honestly, casually fishing seems like a perfectly acceptable activity

I would love to own a copy of this single, dude.

Kuronekono Releases First MV, Are Officially Cool

While reviewing the not-entirely-successful results of yesterday’s poor attempt to glom on to Super Bowl Twitter (way to change hashtags mid-stream when I was too busy to change much, everybody!), I noticed: Huh. Kind of a quiet Monday morning in the idolverse. Pure Idol Heart, however, saved the day.

This is 黒猫の憂鬱, Kuronekonoyuutsu, or Melancholy of the Black Cat, which is like the most high school goth name I can imagine. They’ve been floating around the fringes for a little while now, kind of on the radar but without anything really official out, at least that I could find (I might also be bad at Googling).

Anyway, this is a good song! And a lot going on with it — you have a very idol-like vocal melody, but detuned a la our good friends in Bellheart*, working with a piano (be still, my heart!) playing a traditional-sounding Japanese melody, with some great guitar riffage on that border line between old-school thrash and old-school “hardcore” punk. Pretty cool.

For what it’s worth, Kuronekono is on Trash-up!! Records, who are starting to put together a nice little alt-idol roster on top of their promotional work and magazine, all featuring everything from Necronomidol to You’ll Melt More!. Keep an eye out.

*According to this tweet, the video was directed by a person who worked on Bellheart’s movie? Or something. I’m sure a more knowledgeable person than me will know and correct this point in the comments.