Koutei Camera Actress Left Me a Dumbfounded Mess

This one’s actually a few days old now, so please do forgive me for not immediately raising it to your attention and creating a sensation in you not unlike the one in me that I get to re-experience all over again by hitting play on the below and receiving the next wave of impossible goodness that turns me insensate. Now it’s your turn, and you should be happy!

Or, by way of preparation: Koutei Camera Actress is the … fourth? Fourth, right? Fifth? Fifth “Koutei Camera” (aka kouteca) project from tapestok records to bear some iteration of the name, the other four all being riffs on Koutei Camera Girl/Gal. Papermaiden got to meet with Camera Girl Drei during their Canadian tour last year with Next Music From Tokyo; Actress was at the time being billed as a different kind of spin. I wasn’t sure what that was really going to mean, personally, until I let this one romp through my brain and turn me into a bumbling cretin:

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There’s Going to Be More Koutei Camera Something

I’m officially confused! Koutei Camera Girl Zwei died. Koutei Camera Gal lives and is fun. Koutei Camera Girl Drei was supposedly happening … so then where does that put us with Koutei Camera Actress?

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