They May Want to Keep Doing This

Forgive the brevity, friends, as I peel myself off of the remnants of the holiday weekend and glance with eminent side-eye at anything approaching an obligation, but I flagged this in passing yesterday specifically because I thought that you needed it as much as I needed (to follow up on) it. So what is it? Oh, no big deal, just a solo/duo spot by Kolokol members Akiho and Konomi in honor of their birthday live tomorrow:

That’s not really what I’d expect from Kolokol, which is fitting because it’s not from Kolokol and is instead a distinct thing that just so happens to be associated with Kolokol, who hey by the way also should do more things because everything they do is good, even things like this that aren’t actually Kolokol! But for real, it’s a cool song, neat moves, and the girls sound good. I’m jealous; the last time that I was invited to do a song for my birthday, I had two too many soju bombs and forgot what I was doing in the middle of “Silent Lucidity.”

Here’s How Kolokol Tried to Ruin My Christmas

There I was, friends, basking in the holiday glow and more than a little hung over from pounding eggnog and various mulled things, waking up way later than usual and hoping against hope that absolutely nobody in the extended Maniac clan was going to muck up what I had very deliberately arranged to be a quiet, obligation-free day. Let’s enjoy Christmas together! With family and friends! And have even more confectionery and booze!

Alas, idol doesn’t given a sweet flying crap about anything that you, a person, especially you, a person who does not live in Japan and does not live to empty your wallet for tiny photos, may have planned in opposition to idol. It’s rude, but it’s business, and Idol Christmas is one of the High Holy Days of Wotadom, so of course there was going to be idol stuff.

In this case, Kolokol, whose debut several months ago warranted excitement, and whose little-sister relationship to PassCode hopefully works out better than NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s, dropped this, clearly because they hate me and wanted me to know that I had idol to deal with. Of course it ruined my plans!

Not completely; I waited until after the booze to look!

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This Is Kolokol. You Might Want to Say Hi.

One of the very best things about being a fancy idol blogger is that hooking yourself into different networks to find new material is cool, but being hit up by other folks who want to share is even better. And when subsets of people collectively mark the hell out at once, you know that what you’re about to experience is going to be worth it.

For instance, let’s all take a moment to welcome Kolokol (Twitter) to the world:

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