I Hate These Kinds of Stories

About a month ago, I was excited that Too Young to Fall in Love, Koiwosuruniwa Wakasugiru, was getting a fresh reboot and a chance to bring the pain with backing from real scene insiders. Now, the members are all out, and the alleged reason why isn’t pretty.

First, the statement on the group:

Basically, the re-formed Koiwaka won’t be making their stage debut because all of the members have withdrawn. The reason why isn’t pretty. Continue reading

Whoa, Too Young to Fall in Love Is Coming Back

File this one under Of All the Weird, Goofy Luck: The previously short-lived Koiwosuruniwa Wakasugiru (Koiwaka for short!) has apparently sprung back to life after several months on ice:

Three completely new members, but I hope not a new sound at all. I previously liked a lot of what I heard from them. Continue reading

That Was Fast: Koiwaka Rebooting

Hey guys, remember not that long ago when I found a really cool hard rock / punk / metal outfit and we all kind of like that for a day or two? Well, Koiwosuruniwa Wakasugiru is already looking for a complete set of new members:

I’m taking this as the announcement of the mass graduation.

Fear not; if you liked their sound, they’re holding auditions for replacement members. However, for the time being, if you liked their sound, you’ll have to pull it out of your memory, as their YouTube videos have been deleted and there’s barely a whisper on Twitter.

Too Young to Fall in Love (with Corrosion of Conformity)

I was literally getting ready to NOT being doing anything site-related when I started to look at the little slips of paper that I’d been keeping in my wallet. Notes, you know? Most of them were pretty straightforward — “update X, do images for Y” — no big deal. And then this cryptic message:


That paper was two weeks old. So what was I making a note about?

This. Continue reading