This Is the End of KIRAKIRA GERIRA

Here’s a completely different kind of item for Thursday Hurtsday; cool and exciting idolcore unit KIRAKIRA GERIRA is hanging ’em up.

That announcement on their website covers it: There’s some kind of dispute about the future of the group, so the whole shebang is going to end, with a final live a month from today. Continue reading

It’s Time for More KIRAKIRA GERIRA!

Literally, because that’s the name of the song!

Thanks, Pure Idol Heart!

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I Made You a KIRAKIRA GERIRA Playlist for Tuesday

I have been trying for days, no joke, to get this out for you guys. You’d think it’d be easy — it’s just a YouTube playlist! — but I kept running into little obstacles and annoyances and “I guess I’ll just do it for tomorrow” and, well, here we are, most of a week later.

It’s KIRAKIRA GERIRA, who I’ve fielded a very nice request to refer to as KIRAKIRA GUERILLA, which yes, I agree, that’s accurate, but then I looked at a bunch of their web stuff and it’s always GERIRA, so there we’ll stay.

They added a bunch of live video last week, from two separate sets, so here you go:

I’m so ashamed of being a terrible layabout that I’m not even going to READ MORE this thing. Just look at the performances and listen to the music. W00t.

And the Award for Most Intense Group Harsh Vocal Goes To …


Wait for it

Sorry, I had way too much stupid fun with this last night. I sincerely wished that, rather than a hotel in a large Texas metropolitan area, I was instead near a mixing board so I could do nothing but sample and loop that descent into madness. Continue reading

This KIRAKIRA GERIRA Promo Is Epic as Hell

Epic. Ambitious. Maybe even a little intimidating! But KIRAKIRA GERIRA, who are cool, found a great way to make their announcements for 2017:

For an indie, this is what you call “going for it.” Good for them. Continue reading


I know that I’d seen some of you all talking about this cool little project on Facebook at some point, and then they popped up again a few weeks ago and I’d been meaning to them anyway, and this is as good a time as any.

So! KIRAKIRA GERIRA (Twitter). I think the covert art from their first single sums things up pretty well:

What do they sound like? Continue reading