Come Watch This JUNKIE’S Junk

You may or may not be aware that there’s this band, right, that’s a bunch of young women with bags over their heads who are supposedly related to Guso Drop in some way. SO MYSTERIOUS! But JUNKIE’S, yeah, to say that morbid curiosity alone could compel one to want to get a look, that’d be one of those understatement things.

They are not good at those instruments!

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Say Hi to the New (& Improved?) Guso Drop

So the queens of underground idolcore, the inimitable Guso Drop, are on the verge of losing their leader. That’s sad. But they also have a fresh new release supported by a raucous video. That’s not sad at all! And they’re also taking the big positive steps toward their own sustainability by rolling out three new members to join in full once Saki transitions out:

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