Did Somebody Mention Babyraids Japan?

Actually, yes, somebody (d0fph0t0!) did mention Babyraids Japan, in the context of the Best of 2016 voting and why the hell weren’t Babyraids Japan included? And the basic reason is that they weren’t nominated by anybody. But the other basic reason is that, a few posts about them here and there, they’ve never really caught on the way some others do.

So with lots of eyes looking at ye olde Homicidols.com over the next few days, let’s check in on the queens of “emotional idorock.”

What luck! This charming video appeared on YouTube about a week ago:

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Hauptharmonie Would Like for You to Recall That They’re Great

Can you believe that it’s been two months since I last wrote a dedicated Hauptharmonie post? What the hell is wrong with me? It’s not like they aren’t doing anything — since dropping their (very good, if jazzy Britpop shoegazer disco idols are your thing) album, they’ve done TIF and a bunch of regular shows and then just had themselves a great set at JAM this past weekend:

The Peach Stage, for when you deserve roughly the third best!

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JAM Recap: Like Tee-ball, Everybody Gets a Trophy!

Rather than recap everything from @JAMxNatalie EXPO, I’m only going to focus on the things that either connected to older bits of news here or turned into points of discussion online. If you’re like, I wish Thing X were up for discussion, leave a comment!

Billie Idle

The Fake Four were down to three for most of the last few months when they decided to make all the news at once: bi bi bi bi bi, their third full-length album, was forthcoming; oh and Yasui Yuuhi was definitely out because reasons, and Momose Momo’s sister Akira was going to take her place.

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Get Your JAM On: Watch / Help Others Watch @JAMxNatalie EXPO

Day 2 now over, too, and unfortunately not that much fresh video added to the list. I personally capped nothing because I was confused about the SiScast, and then it all crashed and I went to bed. Still, plenty of good stuff!

Don’t give me crap about the quality on my stuff — I’m working with freeware here!

If you want to see Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s set. Codomomental is really strict on copyright claims for their live video, and I have one strike with them already, so.

Adding: Himekyun Fruit Can

The rest of the petit pas! in the comments here

After the jump, just all of the old stuff for the sake of archiving. Full-on response and stuff (including some next steps for some people) to come.

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A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

I still can’t believe this, and I just watched Pour Lui sing “primal.” live while all of the other BiS auditioneers watched like awestruck schoolgirls.

Seriously, brace yourselves. This is like the sum of all fears.

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Look at This Ridiculous JAM EXPO Lineup

Did you miss the Tokyo Idol Festival? Probably! We did get to enjoy some of the great performances from it, and kind of still do despite ongoing efforts to scrub fan video from the Internet, but look at this lineup and tell me that JAMxNatalie EXPO won’t be at least as good.

Including idols of our interests: Continue reading