Weekend Livestream Spotlight: TORICAGO, a Graduation and the @ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL

First things first: TORICAGO is doing a 5:00 a.m. Saturday JST livestream which translates to about 4:00 pm Friday EST in the U.S.  UPDATE:  Event time changed to 4:00 am JST ; 3:00 pm EST. Hopefully you are reading this Friday morning so you can catch that to kick off your weekend right.

The big event this weekend is the @JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL featuring over 100 different idol units of both the traditional and alternative variety on five stages over two days.  Continue reading

Let’s Just Let That Sudden BiSH MV Speak for Itself

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Here’s a Whole Bunch of Crap from @JAM

Let’s make it a running thing, gang, as I know that rips are being sent to copyright hell on a consistent basis; let’s at least have one nice archive.

Hey team! Shame on me for not starting this off at a more appropriate time, but, well, I had my hands full. But it’s the JAM Expo, easily the #2 on the idol summer calendar and in fact even bigger than TIF in terms of sheer output. A bunch of our favorites have been in the mix, so let’s dispense with the pleasantries and focus just on the meat:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da!

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Let’s Blow off Some Steam with Party Rockets GT

Now that April Fool’s Day is (thankfully) behind us and the Corenament is all but decided, it’s time to get back into regular idol stuff yay! There’s actually a whole mess of things that did happen or are happening, and we’ll get to some of that, but one that I want to visit with right now is Party Rockets GT, whose last album got an overall-good review from dofphoto and who were just recently performing at this @JAM event:

The live idol channel is indispensable

Okay, so Ayumi’s missing. I’m sure she’s fine. Continue reading

Billie Idle Released a Preview Single for “bi bi bi bi bi” and It’s Great

In one a great little under-the-radar move, Billie Idle quietly tweeted out this announcement about the immediately availability of “Nakisou Sunday” on iTunes:

Clicking through doesn’t get you much closer to the download, as it’s not only on iTunes, but the dreaded Japanese iTunes that you have to bend over backwards to use. I, however, am such a nice guy that I reconfigured my iTunes a little while back and not only downloaded the song … Continue reading